PuraPak Bag Filters

PuraPak FiltersPurapak extended surface bag filters offer excellent performance and durability for applications requiring medium to high efficiencies. The Purapak bag filter features ultra-fine fiberglass media and is ideal for applications where fiberglass is specified.

Purapak bag filters feature an exclusive internal header design which adds strength to the filters and virtually eliminates "racking" during installation. ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 test method performance ranges include MERV 9 (40-45%), MERV 11 (60-65%), MERV 13 (80-85%) and MERV 14-15 (90-95%).

Purapak bag filters are available in most standard and special sizes.


Purapak extended surface bag filter shall incorporate an ultra-fine fiberglass media. Individual pockets shall be formed by span stitching down the length of the pockets to maximize the utilization of media. The stitching shall be coated with a thin line of hot melt adhesive to secure the thread to the media and seal any perforations in the media caused by sewing.

Purapak Filter Cut Away

The pockets shall be individually adhered to an internal aluminum tube header. Each individual pocket shall be fastened to the next by means of pocket support ribs, which are mechanically attached to the internal header. The entire assembly shall be encased in a galvanized steel header frame to prevent racking and possible bypass of unfiltered air.

Purapak filters shall be Classified under U.L. standard 900. Purapak filters shall be rated to withstand temperatures up to 160° Fahrenheit.


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