Paint Booth Paper Paint Arrestors

Paint Booth Paper Paint Arrestors

Our combination baffle/strainer-type overspray paper paint arrestor filters are constructed of layers of slit and expanded kraft with an optional final layer of duo-density synthetic polyester backing to maximize efficiency and strength. The front layers of this arrestor employ larger baffle openings followed with layers of progressively smaller “diamond” design and an optional final back layer of dense non-woven polyester. This filter design allows us to provide products that address the filtration goals of your specific application.

Testing on your specific paint can be arranged to assist in environmental evaluation of filter performance and permitting.

Features & Benefits:

  • Layers of slit and expanded kraft with multistage designed baffle openings. Supra® products incorporate a final layer of nonwoven polyester for additional efficiency and filter service life.
  • Broad offering of products to provide optimum filtration for a wide range of coatings and applications
  • Extended service life for fewer change-outs
  • Ease of handling, installation and disposal
  • Both flame retardant and non flame retardant versions available
  • Available in rolls and cut pads for easy installation
  • Mini-Mesh final layer adds to the graduated density designed into the product

mini mesh paper paint arrestor standard


Standard & Standard Mini-Mesh
Our baffle-type Standard and Standard Mini-Mesh Paper Paint Arrestor is comprised of up to seven layers of kraft media, each slit and expanded into a mesh with baffle-like surfaces. These baffled layers form a multistage collection design which creates the action necessary for superior depth-loading characteristics. The layers with the larger baffled openings are positioned at the front of the collector. As the exhaust air passes through the collector, these larger front baffles cause the initial turbulence and surface contact removing the larger overspray particulates. The final layers incorporate smaller baffled openings which efficiently trap the vast percentage of the remaining particulates. The Standard and Standard Mini-Mesh Arrestor provide high efficiency as well as good holding capacity. These collectors are designed for general application with a wide variety of coatings ranging from lacquers to bake-dry enamels and is particularly suitable for use wherever conventional coatings are being sprayed.

mini mesh paper paint arrestor high capacity

High Capacity Mini-Mesh
Our baffle-type High-Capacity Mini-Mesh Paper Paint Arrestor provides excellent efficiency and very high holding capacity. The High-Capacity Mini-Mesh Arrestor utilizes eight layers of slit and expanded kraft, again creating a multistage collection design. The first three layers of this collector employ extremely large baffle openings for maximum particulate holding capacity.

The High-Capacity Mini-Mesh Arrestor is excellent for use with a wide range of coatings and especially with heavier, tacky-type coatings, conventional coatings and in situations requiring extended service life.

mini mesh paper paint arrestor supra

SUPRA I Mini-Mesh

The combination baffle/strainer-type Supra l Mini-Mesh Paper Paint Arrestor boasts extremely high efficiency as well as excellent holding capacity. Five layers of slit and expanded kraft with multistage designed baffle openings are combined with one layer of a duo-density singed synthetic backing, which employs two material densities to maximize efficiency and strength. This media was developed to meet the high-efficiency requirements of installations using many of today’s compliance coatings including high solids, waterbornes, catalyzed and bake-dry coatings. Supra l Mini-Mesh Arrestor are also recommended for use on coatings with overspray which is tacky to semi-tacky as it encounters the overspray collector.

mini mesh paper paint arrestor supra II
SUPRA II Mini-Mesh
The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Paper Paint Arrestor also employs both baffle and strainer principles, performs with high efficiency and has excellent holding capacity. The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Arrestor also has five layers of slit and expanded kraft media with multistage designed baffle openings and one synthetic layer. The Supra ll’s final synthetic layer is less dense than the Supra l’s but still provides high efficiency collection for a wider range of coatings. The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Arrestor is recommended for the same type of situations as Supra l. Supra II however, has a longer service life when used with coatings that have slightly drier overspray.

SmartMedia Exhaust Filters

Smart Media Means:

  • Fewer Change outs
  • Less System maintenance
  • Improved Paint booth ventilation

SmartMedia paint arrestor pads and blankets are manufactured with high-loft filtration media which is comprised of 3 progressively denser layers. A scrim is added for the overall stability, holding the arrestor in place, thereby reducing air bypass.

Clean Smart Media for PaintBooths More Clean SmartMedia
Loaded SmartMedia More Loaded SmartMedia

Large fibers on the first layer (ten times the diameter of the final layer) are open faced, coiled and bundled for structural stability and to insure capturing large paint particles.Fibers in the middle layer are less bundled and engineered to intercept progressively smaller particles passing through the first layer. The third layer is comprised of single 21-micron fibers. It forms the final barrier for preventing particles from breaking away and contaminating the system. It is especially effective at capturing small, dry paint particles.

Result: Paint is evenly collected throughout the entire pad. Change outs are reduced and productivity is increased.


SmartMedia contains Poly b. A technology employed during manufacturing that produces two primary benefits:

1. Softer, safer, easier handling fibers.
2. Total Tac: the industry's first, true 100% tackification product. Total Tac captures dust and paint particles before they escape up the stack and into the environment.