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Green Buildings





Going Green

GREEN Air Filters

How GREEN are our air filters?

At Dayton Reliable Air Filter our air filters made with Kimberly-Clark filter media provide a high level of filtration efficiency for improved indoor air quality while providing low resistance to minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Filters made with Kimberly-Clark filter media also provide long life for fewer changeouts and use minimal components to reduce source and waste streams.

Our Green Air Filter

More about Green Air Filters

Proper selection, installation and maintenance of HVAC system filters can positively affect indoor air quality, improve energy efficiency (Cost Analysis Tool), and reduce maintenance in commercial buildings.

Selecting high-quality filters with a minimum efficiency of MERV 8 (or higher, depending on building purpose) will minimize HVAC coil and fan fouling while providing high-quality indoor air for building occupants. Selecting filters with a low pressure drop can reduce energy consumption and reduce operation costs per square foot.

Finally, properly installing filters can avoid filter bypass and let your filter investment provide maximum benefits.

At Dayton Reliable Air Filter we are trained to help facility managers and maintenance professionals select and install the right filter.