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Tuff X Media





TUFF Media

Tuff-X Economizer Air Filter Media

Tuff-X is made from extra heavy weight polyester fibers bonded into a tough, durable air filter media.

Nominal 1" thickness available in 20", 24", 25" and 75" widths by 60 ft. rolls. We also cut them into pads and box them for you.

  • Replacement for hogs hair media
  • Replacement for metal washables
  • Used as a protector stage to HVAC roof top filters
  • Keeps bugs, pollen and large debris from entering and clogging primary filters
Tuff X Filter Media Roll

3-20" x 60' PN 115747-320
3-24" x 60' PN 115747-324
3-25" x 60' PN 115747-325
1-75" x 60' PN 115747-175
Rooftop Unit
Tuff-X on the air intake side protects internal filters from large debris that can blanket the face of the internal filter and render them ineffective.

Tuff-X Media Installed in Frame
Tuff-X installed in frame


Initial Resistance at 300 fpm 0.03"
Recommended Final Resistance (w.g.) 0.50"
Arrestance 50%-60%