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Poly Shield XI 3-Ply Panel Filter and Links MERV 11

Poly Shield XI - MERV 11

Poly Shield XI 3-Ply Panel Filter MERV 11

Highly Efficient

The Poly Shield XI panels combine MERV 11 efficiency with the benefits of dualdensity media. The unique media design will provide superior dust holding and long service life. Manufactured with Dustlok Composite Adhesive, an aggressive adhesive that has the ability to absorb particles and continuously renew its effectiveness.

Spor-Ax Antimicrobial Keeps Filter Media Free From Mold, Mildew, Algae & Fungi

Spor-Ax antimicrobial is part of the manufacturing process, not a costly, post-application. The elimination of microbial growth reduces resistance and extends service life.

One panel delivers 3-stages of filtration. First stage designed for depth-loading; second stage captures particulate and keeps it from filtering through the media; third stage, Dustlok composite adhesive, absorbs particles and continuously renews its effectiveness.

Poly Shield XI Specs
Poly Shield XI Technical Data