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NEW! SprayMax EP Collection Media

SprayMax Filter EP™ Media by Fiberbond

Higher Efficiency

Our new SprayMax media can eliminate over-spray from equipment, ductwork and stacks, minimizing labor cost on clean-outs and minimizing pollution and potential EPA fines.

High Paint Capacity

Long-lasting media requires fewer changes increasing time between change-outs thus reducing downtime. Because SprayMax media is capable of holding many times its weight without tearing or collapsing, it helps decrease operating costs.

SprayMax Overspray Filter Media

Tuff-X Air Filter Media

NEW! Tuff Tuff X Air Filter Media

Tuff-X is made from extra heavy weight polyester fibers bonded into a tough, durable air filter media.

This media is used as a protector stage to HVAC roof top filters.

It keeps bugs, pollen and large debris from entering and clogging primary filters.

Tuff X Filter Media

ZXP and HXP Pleated Filters

NEW! ZXP and HXP Pleated Filters

The Z-Line ZXP and HXP incorporate exclusive double wall internal torsion box technology. The pleated filters can withstand greater abuse in shipping and handling due to the absence of metal component parts as well as the durable self-supporting filtration design. The Z-Line Series selfsupporting pleated filters offer excellent performance and value for a large array of applications. The Z-Line ZXP and HXP filters are environmentally friendly and have less impact on landfills.

ZXP and HXP Pleated Filters