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Antimicrobial Pleated Filter

Reliable Kleen Pleat Gold


The only pleated filter with Dustlok® adhesive, Spor-Ax® antimicrobial and rigid enough that a support wire backing is not required. Spor-Ax® effectively controls growth of mold, mildew, algae and fungi on the filter. Fiberbond filters with Spor-Ax do not support microbial growth.

Independent laboratory test results on a 24" x 24" x 2" - 8 pleats per foot:
Av. Efficiency: 39.1%
Kleen Pleat Gold Air Filter

Media Thickness

At twice the thickness of typical poly/cotton media the Reliable Kleen Pleat Gold with Dustlok® adhesive locks in trapped dirt. No sifting of dust. No voids or open areas as with lighter weight media.

Media Strength

A unique blend of synthetic fibers bonded with a flame retardant binder forms a high strength media. At over 6 ounces per square yard, the Reliable Kleen Pleat Gold media weighs 2 to 3 times that of typical pleat media.

Strength and Integrity - Kleen Pleat
Strength and Integrity

No Support Wire Backing

The combination of fibers, binder, weight and thickness provides a media that does not require the need for a wire support backing. Wire backing has no filtration ability. It's only function is to support a light weight flimsy media. The Reliable Kleen Pleat Gold can be incinerated.

Typical vs. Kleen Pleat Gold

A size to meet your need

The Reliable Kleen Pleat Gold is available in a full range of standard and custom sizes.

- One Inch Series - 12 pleats per foot.
- Two Inch Series - 8 Pleats per foot and 12 per foot high capacity.
- Four Inch Series - 8 Pleats per foot and 11 per foot high capacity.