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HEPA Frames

Hepa Filter Housings
HEPA Filter Housings

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HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters

Our HEPA filters are designed for high efficiency commercial and industrial applications. The efficiency rages include: 950 Series - 95% and 1000 Series - 99.99% all based on a .30 micron size particle. Our HEPA filters are produced in a wide range of sizes, frame types and header combinations and are ideal for converting or upgrading existing systems. As an option, High Capacity Magna filter models are also available for higher velocity applications and incorporate more media area for lower resistance.

HEPA Filters


Our HEPA filters shall be manufactured with high efficiency glass microfiber media that is gently pleated to form the media pack. Rolled edge aluminum separators are inserted between each pleat to provide an extensive open-area for airflow and to stabilize the media pack. A heavy-duty galvanized metal frame or particleboard frame shall encapsulate the media pack. A self-extinguishing adhesive shall completely bond the media pack inside the filter frame to prevent air bypass. An external neoprene gasket is standard on the filter. Our HEPA filters are packaged into heavy-duty cartons to help protect the filter from damage.


Our HEPA filters are designed for use where a high degree of cleanliness is required and contaminants must be removed to protect health, products and building interiors. Our HEPA filters are ideal in a variety of applications including: hospitals, manufacturing plants, microelectronic component assembly, negative air machines, bio-logical hoods and food processing.


- Upon request, HEPA series - 95% and 1000 series - 99.7% filters can be tested for leaks based on a near-monodispersed .30 micron size particle.

- Each HEPA 1100 Series - 99.99% filter is tested for leaks based on a near-monodispersed .30 micron size particle.

- An optional expanded metal wire lath face guard can be placed on air entry and/or the air leaving sides of the filter.

Wood Box
Single Header HEPA
Double Header HEPA
Metal Box HEPA
Please print out our HEPA Filter guideline form to order your HEPA filter then fax it to 937-293-3975 or call us today.