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E.P. Red

E.P. Filter Media





E.P. Red Filter Media

E. P. Red Collection Media

This premium two-layer polyester collection media is designed for high volume coating applications where pollution control is an absolute must. E.P. Red media has a very open air entering (white) layer comprised of coarse fibers which allows collected over-spray to be absorbed and retained in this layer. This results in high paint holding capacity: it will not face load resulting in shortened service life. The red, fine fiber, dense layer traps the finest particles (99 to 99.9% efficient on most commonly used coatings). E.P. Red is halogen-free.

More E.P. Exhaust Media

E.P. Red Filter Media

E.P. Red Fractional Efficiency

Two Pocket E.P. Red Collection Bag

The use of E.P. Red bag increases the amount of media for over spray collection by over four times compared to a single media pad. These bags can be used as a primary filter or a part of a two or three stage system. The standard, self-sealing model has 9 gauge support grid sewn into the face perimeter of the bag. This assures a tight leak proof fit into existing booth frame work. They are simple to install and remove during change out.

E.P. Red Two Pocket Bag Filter

ALERT! New EPA Regulation

A new national standard now requires all shops that spray coatings containing a targeted hazardous air pollutant (HAP) to conduct spray operations in a booth outfitted with an exhaust filter with a removal efficiency of 98% or greater. Work with your spray booth manufacturer or filter supplier to select the right filter for your shop's filtration needs.

For specific details of the regulation, visit the EPA website at: