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Intake Filters

DFM 4 Media





Paint Booth Diffusion Media

Diffusion Media - Downdraft

This precise blend of synthetic fiber size, bonding agents and unique adhesive system, which coats each fiber, results in a uniform, dense, high quality filtration media.

DFM 4 Filter Media

  • Typical application is in downdraft booths as a ceiling filter.
  • DFM 4 media becomes the final filtration barrier preventing damaging particles from entering the paint booth environment.
  • The uniform density of the DFM 4 media acts as a diffuser ensuring an even laminar air flow throughout the booth.
DFM 4 Diffusion Media
Ceiling Grid

Media Specifications

  • Thickness: One inch (25 mm)
  • Weight: 18.6 opsy (631 grams M2)
  • Master roll: 80" x 66' (2M x 20M)

Alternative filters used can be the DFM internal support panel or the external 'X' grid support DFM 4 panel when installation has limited access space.

Resistance vs. Air Flow
Particle Size Removal Efficiency

DFM 8 Diffusion Media and Panels - Crossdraft


  • Typical application is for crossdraft spray paint booths.
  • Progressively structured polyester fibers, resin bonded with a special adhesive tackifier.
  • A close knit scrim netting on the air leaving side provides directional stability.
DFM 8 Media

Media Specifications

  • Thickness: one-half inch (13 mm)
  • Weight: 11.6 opsy (393 grams M2)
  • Master roll: 80" x 135' (2M x 41.1 M)

DFM 8 Panels

Internal support has a 9 gauge grid sealed between a coarse, open media and the DFM 8 diffusion. External support has an 'X' grid on the scrim air leaving side of the panel.

Wire Panel
Downdraft Booth
Semi-down draft booth